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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

Originally Posted by WH View Post
He's going against Randy Orton. The new Stone Cold.

don't get me wrong I would LOVE to see Swagger retain. Orton hasn't had a belt in a long time, Orton is a crowd favorite that could move alot of product as champion (tshirts etc....)

It just seems to me like they are setting up for Orton to go to Smackdown after the draft as Champ and feud with Jericho or Edge. Swagger just doesn'
They could still set up Orton to go to Smackdown regardless of title, but you know how they play out the guy winning/losing when it matters the least, then when it atters, they reverse it. Just saying they could do that with Swagger to have him go to Smackdown and have him feud with Edge and Jericho, although that won't be much of a showdown - Swagger has little smack talk like Edge and Jericho.

I think Orton already moves a lot of product. The only difference between Orton and Stone Cold is that SC was against the foundation (Vince) while Orton is just a renegade on his own with no true alliances or foes.

Originally Posted by KeiselPower99 View Post
WWE keeps giving the belts to the same people and when they do try the crazy angle with Sheamus and Swagger it dosent seem to work. TNA needs a triple threat match between AJ RVD and Hardy for the belt. That would be classic.
I thought Sheamus could have worked but they let it go too soon. WIth RVD beating AJ the other night, they are definitely turning things up. It's been a long time since I've seen a title change hands on a regular program. It would be interesting to see them go triple threat by why not also include Abyss? They've played him up and have no where for him to go.

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