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Default Re: Kirwan's final 3 round mock draft

Originally Posted by Aussie_steeler View Post
And yet again another nfl draft thread started in good faith has turned into a urinal.

Demaryius Thomas is a candidate that could definitely merit being picked at #18.

I understand the logic totally. High Quality receiver, High quality graduate, #1 receiver potential, potential hole at #1 WR on steelers roster this year / or into the near future. You explore all options because anything can and usually will transpire on draft day.

Will he be a steeler come tomorrow? probably not, but there is a chance and I for one would not be totally pissed off if it was to eventuate.

For a diehard fan of draft season, in a way, I cant wait for it to be over.

Look, here's the point. The thread was fine without the bullshit half-assed nit-wit editorializing. The FACT is, the Steelers have drafted better than any team in the NFL in the last 10 years, and the proof is irrefutable. What other team won two Super Bowl's in the decade with fewer marquee FA signings? I think the '05 team had like 19 starters acquired through the draft. The FO knows what they are doing...

When I see garbage "data", I'm going to call it out, especially when the source spews more of it then the next 10 biggest bullshitters on this board combined.

Now, back to the topic. Sure, the kid is probably going to be good. But there are also a ton of better fits at #18 for us. WR isn't as deep as it was, but the cupboard isn't bare. I just don't think due diligence was done when this mock was made, and my extra comments are addressing the super faulty logic added in by the OP.
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