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Default Re: Joakim Noah says Cleveland "sucks"

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
You say varajao or Z or (shudder) Shaq are better than Noah?
Varejao, yes. Shaq...yes...but it has more to do with the matchup issue that Shaq presents to almost everyone in the NBA. It's kinda like a healthy Yao will always be a "good" center because at 7'6...he's nearly impossible to stop and is great at redirecting shots at the rim. Z, not so much, but he's not a starter for us anymore...and probably never will be again. Z does (however) fall under the "deeper" part of my statement.

Basically, Chicago is Rose (really good player), Noah (pretty good player) and that's about it.

Cavs have James (best in NBA), Mo (pretty good player), Jamison (pretty good player), West (pretty good player), Shaq (still a good player, though not necessarily for 30+ per game) etc....

With the exception of PG (where Rose is much better than Mo...especially in one on one situations), the Cavs are the better team.
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