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Default Re: Ben deny's ignoring playbook

Yes, it's true, Ben and Plax were very good friends and neighbors. They were known to pass the football around in their yards. Does this mean they changed the calls and the playbook to get the ball to Burress more...NO!!! 1st off, if that was the case, I think our coaches would have caught on. Even before his injury, Burress was not out #1 guy (he was and pretty much has always been our deep threat). 2nd, Ben was also on a mission last year. He was the 3rd QB taken in the draft (luckily) and wanted to prove that he could have gone #1. He was also trying to set history (and did)! Why would he jeoprdize that to help one player. I think people would have a much better argument on this if all of a sudden Burress turned into our #1 reciever...but he didn't-case closed. The media is always looking for some sort of controversy and stories to write about in the here it is! I just think it's BS in my opinion.
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