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Default Re: What do you drive

Originally Posted by drizze99
In the winter I only run 14psi, but in the summer I run 19psi. My last dyno, I put down 245 whp/287 wtq. That was awhile ago and I'm probably putting down closer to 270 hp at the wheels and about 300 ft lbs. of torque (19psi).
Even 14 psi is respectable and gives a good boost in power. 19 psi is f*ckin nuts to me. Can the engine take that? I was made to believe that runnin up that high on boost is insane and prone to blowin your engine. Am I wrong? I just ask because my friend had (had as in the dumb*ass totalled it) a 99 Mistubishi Eclipse GS-T that was a f*ckin fact we called it the beast. It was all black and ran 20 psi when he raced it. I don't even know half the shit that he had done to it but I know he had full exhaust an intercooler the size of an aircraft carrier and he took a lot of shit out of the back to lessen the weight (backseat, soundinsulation, etc I know because I rode in it the one time in the back just sittin on a mat on the floor right above the exhaust while he was doin 140mph on the freeway). It looked real nice on the stock 17 in. wheels. To give ya an idea about how fast it of his kills was an Evo two car lengths. If only he hadn't destroyed it......oh well. Peace.


PS: as of 7:36pm tonite I am 19
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