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Default Re: Pittsburgh Vacation Suggestions, Anyone?

Thanks for the replies! Sorry it took so long to get back, my past 2 evenings have been busy, my excitement for tonight has been converting my fishtank to a system to grow live plants-what a mess!!
Anyway, I hate to sound like a total moron, but what is PNC?
Your suggestions sound pretty good, I will probably spend alot of time around the city-I don't remember alot about it, we moved away in 84 & since then I've only been back once.
I do remember coming from the airport, thru a tunnel, & seeing the city just opening up in front of me (coming out of the tunnel) like a rush. Just beautiful! I tried describing it to someone at work yesterday, but it's like if you have to explain it, they won't understand.
I've been away from the area for over 20 years & still get homesick.
I still love the PPG Tower & also want to revisit The Cathedral of Learning, too.
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