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Default Re: Owners agree on CBA !! Labor peace restored !!

Good article in Sunday's Boston Globe describing how the owners put together a plan to ratify the CBA.

Best parts of the article for me were the quotes where the big revenue teams were not feeling the love for Mike Brown and the Bengals:

At one point during the often contentious negotiations, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones mockingly offered to buy the naming rights to Paul Brown Stadium from the Bengals for $5million ''because I can double that in about five minutes, Mike." and

This argument over who deserved the money was punctuated when Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who controls one of the league's richest teams, said he was ready to help any team in a bad circumstance but then turned toward Brown and said, ''But if someone has a publicly funded stadium they pay $1 a year for with no operating costs, I'm not helping that person."

The Bengals have a franchise QB and a good coach, but based on the quality of upper management and cash flow I expect the Browns to replace the Bengals as the Steelers main competition in the division sooner rather than later. Stories I have read on the CBA negotiations confirmed my impression Mike Brown is regarded by other NFL owners to be a clown.
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