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Default Re: Steelers Training Camp?

Originally Posted by IrishSteeler View Post
What are the 2010 dates?
How easy is it to get autographs?
Is there much to do other than watching them train?
Honestly,overall is it the best training camp in the NFL
Steelers TC is a blast! XT and I go every year.

Don't know this season's TC dates just yet, but I'm sure someone will clamor to post 'em when they're available.

As far as getting autographs, if you want to get there when St. Vincent's lets fans in and run like hell down to the runway where the players walk down to the field to get a spot, more power to ya. Did that the first year and after getting poked in the eye with a pen, elbowed in the tatas and back several times and made to feel like I was hazing at a rock concert, I said to hell with that! Most players don't sign autographs on their way to the field but will sign as many as they can on their way back up after practice.

There are activities for the kids and several drawings for prizes but other than that, it is what it is - a Pittsburgh Steelers training camp.

I can't answer your last question because I have no desire to attend any other team's TC's.

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