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Default Prediction: Pirates will fire Kerrigan very soon.

This is the kind of bs move that loser organizations make when things get out of hand like they have even though the talent level on the pitching staff is questionable Triple A at best.. They don't fire the guys that put together this crap ass pitching staff (Huntington and Coonelly) they fire the coach who is working with crap. Yeah its Kerrigan fault we have Triple A pitchers..

And don't give me this bs that these clowns have only been here for 2 plus years, they need time to develop the minors, blah, blah,blah. This pitching staff is embarrassing.. We have 11 pitchers and I would say that the Pirates have 2 arms that are major league viable (duke and malholm which isn't saying much).. That's on Huntington and Coonelly who's returns for the trades they made have been a joke..

Craig Morton shouldn't be allowed to pitch in Triple A let alone the majors.. But we are going to keep throwing him up there.. JOKE..


Sidenote: Glad I dumped Dotel off my fantasy team last week..
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