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Default Re: Official 2010 NASCAR Thread

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post

It's brilliant marketing by NASCAR.
it might be if it were remotely based on reality.

NASCAR doesnt have to worry about the hiljacks tuning in. that fanbase is solid and die hard, regardless of any soap opera slapfest between the rainbow warriors.

its the trendy northeastern and west coast, corporate bandwagon fans, who have jumped ship on the sport just as quickly as they had embraced it.

its no coincidence that jeff gordon had appealed to that base (which had definitely become a HUGE fanbase).

its also no coincidence that you no longer see all the gordon gear anymore and it is primarily gordon fans who say they dont even watch racing anymore because it has become "boring " in the past 4 years. (i wonder why... probably because "their guy" is no longer the front runner, every year.)


jeffy being the tough guy and no longer rolling over for his teammate is a great internal strategy to being his fans back.

i doubt it will work though... as the fad has passed.

im all for anything that will keep them around, as it is what's best for the sport, and helped nationalize it.

but then again, easy come, easy go.
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