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Default Re: Complete list of 2010 McFarlane (Steelers) figures

Originally Posted by HOFCitySteelers View Post
Not really even sure that the jersey and shoes match. They've got him wearing the jerseys that the Steelers started wearing in 97, with some late 80s turf shoes lol. I can't remember Bettis not wearing gloves. Even in college I think he wore gloves. McFarlane toys are getting lazy. They'll probably do like they did with Ward. MAke a figure, then rerelease it with new shoes and gloves. Whay wouldn't they have put him in the jersey with Block numbers??????

I remember a year or 2 ago watching a video on the process of making one of these figures. Thye claim to have a ton of pictures to go through so they can get perfect detail. Thats really not showing in their product on the Bettis figure.
Its an Earl Campbell repaint, nothing more. That would make the shoes 70s. You're spot on in your observations.

My hope is that this is an early prototype photo, and that they'll get enough flak to make the appropriate changes before it goes into production. They had the wrong facemask in the early photos of the 12" Ben and got it right in production.

The astroturf shoes and new numerals could work if they get the right look for the shoes and put gloves on him. They did play in TRS in the new jerseys.

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