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Default Re: Round 2 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Pens/Habs. LETS GO PENS!

Originally Posted by Shea View Post
It's not just Halak. It's that whole damn team committed to playing D, and executing it to a T.

I wonder how many shots that were blocked during that series with the Caps. I bet the number is astronomical.

They're firing right now on defense, PK and goaltending.

If they bring all that again against the Pens, then we are in for one hairy and ugly fight.
Yes, they played terrific team defense and blocked a ton of shots - 182 of them, to be exact. The Craps helped them out by constantly firing pucks from long range, though, and didn't generate a lot of offense from along the boards or down low around the net, two things the Penguins do very well. And of course, what shots did get through, Halak was right there make the save. He stopped 131 of 134 shots in the final 3 games of the series - absolutely unbelievable, but that's an average of 45 shots faced per game. That's why Halak should get credit for winning this series - if he doesn't play as well as he did, the Caps would have wrapped up the series in either game 5 or 6. If he faces that many shots against the Pens, with the way they crash the net and look for rebounds, he will give up some goals.

Originally Posted by polamalubeast View Post
The habs have not reached the conference finals since 1993 (the year of their last Stanley Cup) and say that the challenge of habs will be very big!

I wonder how many times the habs and penguings have faced playoff in the history.

It was the first time in history that the habs were playing against the Capitals in the playoffs.
The Pens and Habs have only 1 other playoff meeting, in 1998, won by the Habs in 6 games.
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