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Default Re: Official 2010 NASCAR Thread

Correction (Read: You are usual). It was a 2 minute search to find one of your worst and farthest "off" posts in a long line of wrong and off posts. Easy Peasy....

This actually is a great example of a 3rd string political poster at work. A topic comes up about which you know nothing (which happens a lot). It's not complimentary to your party and the guy you voted for. You do a quickie Google search, and post up the first crap you see, not really understanding what it is or what it means. You get caught being ignorant. Then you backpeddle, call some other people names, divert, project, twist and spin like mad, and try everything you can to squirm out of the embarrassing truth that you got caught in your own web of ignorance.

It's your MO. It's what you do. And I think it's funny as Hell. You are a "Google Expert".

In this thread, I post up some sarcasm based on the boards weird penchant for NASCAR conspiracies, it WHOOSHES right over your head, and you ignorantly counter by blasting me (as if I was serious) when all I was originally doing was lampooning your history of posting up weird conspiracy garbage. Classic!
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