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Default Re: Heinz Field Seating Question

Originally Posted by soccerhawg View Post
Taking my boy to OUR first Steelers game this fall. I've been looking at seats and asking a lot of questions but no one I know has any insight. (I live in Arkansas so I haven't been there before and don't know anyone that has.)

I was looking at some seats around the corner of the end zone where the players come out and I am also looking at section 535. I heard some say those aren't bad even though they're high.

Can anyone tell me how seats in section 535, row S, would be?

I appreciate it!
When I go I usually sit in 2 places. 509, row M. These would be similar location to your 535 row S. 535 is across the field 1 section closer to the 50. Row S is 6 rows behind mine, which is probably half way up. There are 5 rows then the walkway then row F is on the rail again.
My others that I sit in are 217, row P. Corner of the endzone, next section to club level. Both sections are $86/ticket face value. I prefer the 509's. Low rows in between the 30's in the upper level are some of the best seats in the house. Most people would take the lowers to be closer to the action but you can't see the action as well. When I go with my buddies, we like the 509's to follow the action. When I take my son, we take the 217's. Kids like to be close. If you decide to get the lowers, the 200 level is good. In the lower level higher is better.
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