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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs. Round One. Bring on the Sens!

Originally Posted by wirels3 View Post
I just found a place in my heart for a Caps player..

The same Brooks Laich who was emotionally devastated on Wednesday night, after the Capitals were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs in a Game 7 loss at home to the Montreal Canadiens. Washington was the NHL's best regular-season team, and failed to advance after blowing a 3-1 series lead. It's been called the worst series defeat in franchise history.

Laich, so often the team's unofficial locker room spokesman, didn't speak to reporters after the game.

The same Brooks Laich who, on the night his season ended prematurely, stopped when he saw Wangemann and her daughter stranded alone on Washington D.C.'s Roosevelt Bridge and then fixed a flat tire on their 2008 Acura while cars sped past him.

"You know how some athletes can strike you as real jerks? I think [the Capitals] are genuinely good people. He could have driven by like everyone else did, and he didn't," said Wangemann, who was headed home to Ashburn, Va. after watching the Capitals fall in Game 7.

"I was so touched by what he did. I was praying. I was that worried [about our safety]. The fact that he came up out of nowhere ... he was like an angel that night."
What a great story and a very humanitarian thing to do by Laich.

Most athletes are just ordinary people in real life but it is rare that we read about them. The media much prefers to showcase the drama associated with the couple dozen of bad apples who give the rest of 'em a bad image.

Does anyone believe Captain Ugmeister would have stopped to help that woman? I would hope not, as he would have skeered the bejesus out of her and her daughter. Imagine this pickle face approaching you on a dark road. . . .


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