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Default Re: Jason Worilds or Sean Lee?

Originally Posted by 7willBheaven View Post
What are your sources that they wanted him and had a first round grade on I havent read this anywhere? And based on the need of a RUSH OLB in a 3-4...Worilds is probably a better fit. I know I heard someone say Lee can play any LB position, but I dont see him as a 3-4 OLB...only a 3-4 ILB (though he probably could play any LB position in a 4-3), which we didnt need with that high of a pick.
Heres the Q&A from the chat
Steel Curtain Rising: Gerry, during these chats both you and Ed have mentioned that you've gotten the feeling that the Steelers coaches and front office have not always been on the same page regarding personnel. Now that we’ve been through free agency and the draft, do you get any sense that they have rectified this issue?

Gerry Dulac I think for the most part they are on the same page. They -- and I mean Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert -- do a good job of agreeing on picks. But there are times where the coach might like a player a little more than where the team has him rated and I think that's what happened with their second round pick, jason Worilds. My information, and it came from high up, was that the Steelers wanted to take Sean Lee of PSU on the second round, but they didn't think he woudl be there at their turn. And I was told they would not trade up to get him, even though they had a first-round grade on Lee, which means he was ranked among their top 32 players. Well, Lee was there when it came their turn and they passed on him because Tomlin, I'm told, loved Jason Worilds. So, yes, there was some measure of disagreement, I can only assume.
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