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Default Re: Jason Worilds or Sean Lee?

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Sean Lee, but mainly because he would have an impact on this team far sooner. We may not have depth at OLB but Woodley and Harrison are going to be here much longer than the aging Farrior and Foote, and Foote and Fox are not the future of our ILB corps; you shouldn't let fear of injury to one of those two OLBs factor into your draft decision, the threat of age is a sure thing but the threat of injury is not. There's Timmons but we needed to take another guy for the future there and that guy was Lee. Plus we took two more OLBs later in the draft.
The one think Colbert said was with the addition of Larry Foote it wasn't as big a need as OLB and Syvester will be a ILB. I like our picks but was telling my wife its going to be Sean Lee,Terrance Cody. I'd forgotten about Worilds But was Happy with the pick.
Now we have to deal with Cody.
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