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Default Re: Hello, I'm a fan of the habs

Originally Posted by ricksteelers55 View Post
Hey sup guys !!! I'm from Montreal and I totally HATEEEEE the Montreal Canadiens.Some people are saying that they have the best fans in the league which is not true at all....they might have the loudest but not the best.

To answer your question they will boo Crosby because they think that booing the best player of each team will make them play like crap.That's how they think.Just to show you how I hate the Montreal Canadiens,I'm a Flyer fan and I'm rooting for the Pens to destroy the habs.

YEAH I SAID IT....Flyers and Steelers fans at the same time !! But I'm from Montreal that is why,if we had a team that could be more physical and wouldnt treat their superstar the way they did with Patrick Roy maybe I would be a hab fan,but it's not the case !!
You and my brother, Steelers and Flyers. What the hell happen to you two?

The best way to shut up the booing is to light the lamp, repeatedly while not allowing them to do it.

Yesterday, was just a bad excuse of execution. It seems the Pens outplayed, but didn't get into their game. Even if they did out shoot them significantly, they didn't get bodies in front of the net and when they did, it seems the Canadien's defense cranked it up. Needless to say Halak did a great job stopping a lot of those shots. Need to keep the pressure up and get some big bodies in front. Could we actually be missing Staal as an announcer suggesting yesterday?

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