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Default Re: Best And Worst NFL Draft Teams

Just an observation, but a look at the short-term versus the long-term may show some of the flaws in this report. Houston is the key, to my mind.

If the cupboard is bare, you will have a lot more slots open to fill via the draft. Conversely, if you are successful drafting players, and they stay with your team for a longer haul (And the Steelers HAVE made signing their own free agents a top priority), you will naturally have less room for new players. It's actually going to be a lot tougher to make a Steelers team than it will be to make, say, the Texans roster. But this kind of thing will even out over time.

The exception at the top seems to be the Colts. But the other teams at the bottom seem about right. Also, when you consider that 19 of 22 starters (I believe that's the number) of the 2005 Steelers SB winning team came to them via the draft, and there have been significant Pro Bowl selections from that, and ensuing teams, I think you start to see a leveling out of the data over the longer haul.
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