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Default Members Choice Awards???

2005 Members Choice Awards

I think this is great. Anothers teams forum I visit does this, and I think it cool. Near the end of the season around like week 12 a new forum is available called "Members Choice Awards" This forums holds the polls for members to vote on nominees picked by the Adminisrator (Mike) and the Moderators (Matt). Each poll also has its own thread. I know the polls wouldn't come up til late in the season, but I thought I would mention it now so if we decide to do it, the members and Admin could consider who is deserves the award throughout the whole season. Rather than bringing it up late in the year. The actual voting would be from game 12 to game 16. Usually the forum and polls are removed somtime toward the end of the off-season.

If you guys want to do it here are some ideas for awards:

-Most Informative Member of 2005
-Funniest Member of 2005
-Nicest Member of 2005
-Favorite Moderator of 2005
-Favorite Non-Steelers Member of 2005
-Favorite Female Member of 2005
-Favorite Ohio Member of 2005
-Most Knowledgable (About Steelers History) Member of 2005
-Most Knowledgable (About the NFL) Member of 2005
-Best Signature Creator of 2005
-Best Signature of 2005
-Best Use of Avatars in 2005
-Superthread Poster of 2005
-Biggest Smack-Talker of 2005
-Biggest Post W%@$ of 2005

I think it would be cool. If you guys want to do it, and want to take out or add an award post your These are some the other forum used I just added Favorite Ohio Member because there are alot of us here and there are so many Steelers fans in Ohio.
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