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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

TNA is running with their legs between their legs back to Thursdays. and next week it's rumored that Hall and Nash are to become TNA tag champs


Edge turned heel on Smackdown (even though the crowd didn't know) it had to be the weakest heel turn ever.
Christian came out when Edge was saying goodbye to Smackdown and said (i'm paraphrasing to shorten it down)
Christian: You're a liar, you don't care about these people
Edge: Yes I do
Christian: No you don't
Edge: Yes I do
Christian: No you don't
Edge: You're right, I hate all these people
::punch punch kick kick roll out of the ring::
The crowd was incredibly silent.

Swagger is getting good heat as the heel champion, Big show is now a face and is the no. 1 contender for the Smackdown title.

Mysterio and CMpunk are still arguing, Rey still sucks on the mic, while Punk is still amazing on it.

Drew Mcyntire was stripped of the IC title by Theo Long for beating on matt hardy backstage


Edge and Orton are Feuding, the WWE wants Orton to be the next Stone Cold it's not even funny.
Hart Dynasty is the new WWE tag champs. Miz is still aaaaaawweessssoome. it appears that they are going to tag Miz with Jericho together as, hopefully, mizicho.
Cena is burying all the heel's, as usual (booooo)
Sheamus is a bad mother effer, fella! 5 pump kicks to HHH at extreme rules. (now HHH can go make his movie that he stole from Batista)
Batista is no. 1 contender for the WWE title, but his contract is nearly up.
Dibiase Jr. is toating around the million dollar belt and feuding with John Morrison, their matches have been good.

did i miss anything?
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