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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by Venom View Post
Here in New York City , all sports radio are talking about is July 1st . Thats when free agency starts and the Knicks can try to get James here . If I was a betting man , he wont be a Knick.
I think that the Nets have a better chance of landing him than the Knicks do. They have some cash...they likely have the 1st overall pick...and Brook Lopez + Devin Harris is a nice combination of players. If they trade Devin Harris for (?) and can get a nice player back in'd have Lopez + James + Wall (because why else would they trade D-Harris) as a strong trio...

If D-Harris stays, Lopez - PF - Lebron - Evan Turner (Lebron Lite)- Devin Harris as a starting rotation. Lots of youth there...lots of length (Turner is a big 2, small 3).

Honestly, I'm more concerned with Lebron going to Chicago than anywhere else. Because Noah + Lebron + Rose is a killer trio that would be an absolute monster. That scares me more than him hooking up with Wade in Miami.
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