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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

So what...If you're not first, you're last! lol
So true...but LEBRON has carried this team farther than any other superstar (including Kobe) could have done. Period. Because he does more than any other player is capable of. He can hit the 3 ball, drive to the basket (with the best) run the court on a fastbreak...and stop the fastbreak basket. He has more APG than all but 5 people in the NBA. There are 30 teams with a starting PG on them...and he has more assists than all but a small handful. Lebron isn't the problem on this team.
Yes he failed...along with the other players on the team. I didn't mention them because they aren't the leader. I just said that it takes a TEAM but Cleveland sits around and watches Queen James in the 4th quarter.
King James isn't the problem. His TEAM is.

Exactly my point...the TEAM closed out the game by not sitting around and watching LeBron try to close the game out.
And when the TEAM stepped up, Lebron was fine. It's not Lebron's fault.

He has the ball in his hands more than 98% of the league (my stat lol) so I'm not surprised he has a lot of assists. I bet that when he does have a lot of assists in the 4th quarter, his team wins most of them. Did you not read what I said? I've already stated that he needs to play TEAM ball in the 4th quarter to win. He's got plenty of talent around him...don't give me that bs.
He has talent around him...but not near as much as people think. An overrated Mo Williams (can't play defense.) An extremely aging Shaq and Z... Jamison (not a great defender). Anderson Varejao (highly underrated). Delonte West (who's good when his head is on straight.) An overrated Anthony Parker. An OK Jamario Moon.

Lebron makes them all better through his play.

When you beat everybody in the regular season, what does it make you? Even though the West has been a stronger conference for YEARS now, his Cavs have beaten them during the regular season. What part of LeBron needs to play TEAM ball in the 4th aren't you understanding? That ball movement, passing and other players stepping up can't happen if they are standing around watching LeBron hold the ball for 21 seconds and then hoisting up a 3 or bullrushing the rim!
It makes you the #1 seed...but the playoffs aren't about who had the best regular season...the playoffs are about MATCHUPS. Last year, the Cavs matched up very poorly with Orlando...because they had no one for Dwight...and Lebron can't cover both Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis. They didn't have anybody who could really guard the other guy because Andy V wasn't athletic enough to keep up with Lewis...and Delonte was way too short to cover Turkoglu.

I wouldn't say LA looked awful last year...I would say that they took HOU for granted without Yao. But you can't compare that team to the Cavs this year only because your star player is injured and can't seem to play through it. Let's hope Boston holds home court advantage.
LA looked AWFUL last year. They did. That's why it went 7 games. They did take Houston for granted...but not for 3 losses. That was just terrible play against a very scrappy team. They got it together in time to get through the Western Finals and then on to beat an Orlando team that couldn't matchup with them.
The Lakers have no bench but Cleveland does. Why ya'll don't play Hickson more is beyond me. I do know that Jamison can hold his own with anybody on the offensive end...he hasn't played D since UNC lol. Nobody can compart to Shaq back then but you have it backwards. Shaq was the man on those teams, not Kobe (even though he closed out the games).
Hickson is still lost on defense. There's a reason why Rasheed Wallace went off the way he did on offense in game 2. When Hickson was covering him...he scored at will. Hickson provides a very fast offense and would be great in Phoenix. But his half court defense needs a lot of work still. I know that Shaq had Kobe as his Pippen (something I have touted for many many years). However, the times that Kobe's team won the rings involved having two star players. Shaq and Kobe or Kobe and Gasol. Both teams also had a pretty strong supporting cast. If you want me to make that comparison again...Lebron doesn't have anyone on his team as good as Kobe was in the 2000-2003 years (since Kobe was the 2nd fiddle during that timeframe).
I agree that the Cavs need to run more. I just dont' see them beating Orlando even if they get past Boston. I can't understand how LeBron can take them to the best record in the regular season but fizzle in the playoffs. He's trying to hard to get that ring instead of playing like he played to get them the #1 seed
Getting past Boston will be tough..and Orlando is no easy team to beat either. That being said, Shaq can neutralize Howard...which allows our team to play in more one on one matchups that favor us. The trade of Turkoglu for Vinsanity actually favors the Cavs in regards to matchups...because Delonte can actually make Carters life a living hell on the basketball court. Jamison has done well against Rashard Lewis throughout his career...and allows Lebron to free lance more. The only real issue becomes PG where Mo and Jameer Nelson could have a career night on any given night (because neither are great defenders.) Both players are capable of getting real hot real fast.
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