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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
It's simple, if the Cavs win LBJ stays, if they don't he's gone. We've heard this all before; last year someone had a "very good source that a deal was going to be done soon." Never happened. One team I've never heard mentioned is the Lakers. Kobe is getting to the end and they can afford it. Just throwing it out there. We'll all know in 2 months.

By the way, anyone care to explain how Nate Robinson's jersey was #11 in sales. WHO THE HELL IS NATE ROBINSON???? Imagine LBJ's cut of the money from his Nike gear if he was a net or Knick or Laker or Celtic. Unreal money that everyone wants to conveniently ignore. Yes, I know jersey sales are shared but I'm talking about his L23 brand. If Nate freaking Robinson ranks 11 in jersey sales, LBJ would make a killing.
IMO no matter what LeBron will be in Cleveland next season.
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