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Default Re: Steelers Fever is cool

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
You guys are all cool.

This is a nice relaxing place to toss out different Steeler ideas without stupid fights. Most of all, you guys are not crazy. lol

I had joined one site for some time where the older members picked on new people. They would tell you to have think skin. lol The moderators would be all in your business judging the quality of your posts and what not.

The members were actually crazy. Like you would hear them insulting the people of Cleveland and you would join in for good fun but then you realize that these crazy people actually believed the stuff they were saying (like everyone in Cleveland is stupid and a loser or bad...hello Cleveland Clinic...besides I like the They really fully believed Tom Brady was a bad guy and wished him harm...just crazy...hello, just a sport. I thought it was fun until I saw they really believed the stupid things they said.

They couldn't follow logic either yet every idea that was opposite of theirs was the stupidest thing they had ever heard.

Thank your blessings for Steelers fever.
Welcome. Tom Brady is not a bad guy. He's just gay. Ask anyone here.
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