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Default Re: Steelers Fever is cool

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
I have a good idea what site you are referring to, SteelKnight, as I was once a member there many moons ago. There are some awesome people there and the owner is a good guy overall, but tends to allow the inmates to run the asylum. We have a good number of their members here now.

We do our best to keep this site honorable but still fun for our members. Thanks for the props and it's good to have you and every single person who posted in this thread here at SF.

I'm going to move this thread to the Feedback Forum.
LOL Hometowngal if you know the site.

I don't know why I stayed so long.

The one thing I'm not thrilled about here is the slight lack of flexibility of where things go. Sometimes the only traffic is "Steelers" and that's the only place I visit. During the Draft, I also visited the "NFL Draft2010War Room" and "NFLDraft" but not now...those areas are dead and I like to go where it is active. So moving things to places that are not active is not that For example, I would have never visited the "feedback" section so I would have never seen my own thread. Right now it is not so bad because it leaves the thing there for a while and says moved but I doubt if I initially put this in feedback whether anyone would have seen it (I didn't even think of that). What do you think? Do you regularly visit all those separate forums or do you mostly hang at the "Pittsburhg Steelers" like me? lol

For example, if there is a cool Steelers video, it might be more fun to share it with the 42 people on the "Steelers" forum (and talk about it an get feedback) than the 1 person on the "Media" forum.
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