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Default Re: So, who's going to step up & be our return guy now?

Originally Posted by WWIIOwheelz
ARE really did develop into that role very well. I was taken by how many times, during the SI DVD, he took it all the way during the year. I tend to focus on the grind much moreso than special teams, but those points sure didn't hurt.

I've told all my Redskin buddies they'll be loving ARE. (5 mill/per? What are they smoking?)

Replacing EL as a returner is not very different than having to replace Sean Morey as a
special teams stand-out. And I don't recall "many times" that El went all the way - I do remember the east-west yardage and the incessant dancing.

That next special return player will come from somewhere but if its not immediate I won't have sleepless nights. Right now a guy with speed who can catch a football and not TURNOVER the football is all we need. Finding ARE's replacement as a returner won't be unlike finding a SUV in a used car lot with oil trading @ $100 per barrel.

And I don't think Skins Fan will be all that happy with that inept anemic offense. If ARE couldn't be productive with Ben as QB, then how in the hell will he produce with their stiffs 'throwing' the ball? ARE's numbers were subpar last season.

And 5 mil per year...that smoke you smell is the aroma of Greenbacks burning in Dan Snyder's stove. Now that is something he knows and does well.

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