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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by xXTheSteelKingsXx View Post
In defense of the Cleveland fans, he played piss poor tonight. I'm not a Cavs fan but living in Ohio I hear all the stuff on the radio and television and I think the fans are just fed up with LeBron's drama. Is he staying or is he going? Is his elbow hurt or is it all just a show for attention? The city is desperate for a championship and for the past two seasons it seems (atleat to them) that the Cavs, especially LeBron as the leader, is throwing their best chance away.

To me the problem is not so much the players but the scheme. I'm watching the Cavs and to me it looks like the only set play the run is the pick and roll. I understand Mike Brown is a defensive coach but come on. The majority of the time its four guys standing around while LeBron tries to do his thing.
I just don't think there is any defense to booing the guy who is single handedly responsible for the cavs being there AND playing is potential last game at home in a cavs uni. There's no defense to that IMHO.

The coach blows but they are so overrated it's not funny. I think it's more a product a mentality in Cleveland. They have something to prove in the regular season while other teams turn it on in the playoffs.

Why would lebron stay? He has a crap coach and crap team around him. 3 yrs of the same song and dance. You can't win titles in the regular season, see cavs. I feel bad for lebron. He deserves better than the misery of ne Ohio.
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