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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
I thought lebron had more heart than he showed last night. He stood around and watched everybody else. Thats not what a MVP does, a MVP leaves the court with an empty gun.

Before you say I'm hating on lebron, I'm not, yet. I dislike boston as much as anyone else and would rather see them gone fishing.
It's not often that I agree with Colin Cowherd...especially when it comes to Lebron...but I think he made a really good point about Lebron. Lebron was sending a message (to his teammates and his owner) that they all need to step it up. He "might" have been able to take that game over by himself (though I doubt it)...but that won't win a series...and it certainly won't win against Orlando.

Rondo is better than I thought (coming into this series) and not just because Mo can't play defense. KG is playing like the KG of old...and not just an Old KG...

Mo still can't shoot in the playoffs...Jamison is getting owned by KG, Rondo is a beast. The Cavs are getting out worked, out coached and outplayed. Lebron alone isn't going to win this...but he needs to get into his teammates faces and let them know that they need to step it up. He doesn't have to be as hateful as Kobe and MJ have been (in the past) but he still needs to step it up off the court...or on the court will end in Boston tomorrow night.
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