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Default Re: Hey Steeler people how did you guys beat ....

[quote author=BlitzburghRockCity link=board=steelers;num=1105911100;start=0#3 date=01/17/05 at 09:58:57]We've dealt with cory dillon for years when he was a bungal...we know how he runs and how he has to be tackled, his tendancies, etc. ?Its gonna be a blast and a helluva game..but this year, Here's to the STeelers sending the Pats home instead of 2001!!!![/quote]
Two of my best friends are Steelers fans and we'll be watching the game together for friendly rivalry. I grew up in Boston, reside now in New Mexico, and am a Pats fan. I was not too worried about the Colts game but have to say I do not see how the Pats are going to win this one. From all points of reason it looks like my Pats will, to quote ESPN's Mike & Mike, get a heiny washing, again this weekend. We could not stop the run last time and now we've lost Richard Seymour (our All-Pro defensive end) as well. I love my team but have rooted for the Steelers when they were playing (even through the rough last years) - also probably cause I went to Penn State for grad school (please tell me why we're keeping Joe Pa???). The Pats beat 'em with Parcells in the later 90's as well so I've got not complaints if the Steelers beat my team.
Whoever wins, I just hope they beat the snot out of the NFC representative... Which, by the way, I hope is Atlanta as I really hate the Eagles and have enjoyed watching them choke the last three years.
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