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Originally Posted by steelpride12 View Post
The biggest obviously im looking for is that the Pens must sign Gonch. Without him our defense suffers even worse and the PP goes to the bottom of the league!
Absolutely. Serg is the glue that holds that D together and I'm not going to throw him under the bus because he gave up one puck last night. Amazing how people want to scapegoat both him and Fleury for last night's loss when it was the entire team not looking like the Pens we know and love, along with some phenomenal goaltending from the youngin' Halak and some blood, guts and grit shown by the Canadiens. Serg is also a quiet locker room leader. It was he, in last year's SCF against the Wings, who told his teammates in the locker room after Game #6 - "it aint over yet".

I'm all in favor of getting rid of Eaton. I just haven't been that impressed with him since he got here and I'm still not, though we do see some flashes of brilliant play from him once in a blue moon. We definitely should keep Leopold and my jury is still out on Letang and his outrageous contract based on "potential". I also wasn't all that impressed with GoGo and McKee is as good as gone imho.

P.S. XT - I know you don't want to hear this, but I believe Cookie is a must keep for a whole variety of reasons. He's more than earned his roster spot and I thought he had a pretty good playoff stint.

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