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Default Re: Ben deny's ignoring playbook

Originally Posted by hardwork
That's true. But think about this. We still beat your star QB with a rookie, a converted WR, et al, in our defensive backfield. What does that say about Big Ben and his play calling?
I guess he doesn't improvise afterall.
Originally Posted by hardwork
As for "LUCKY"? Lets not forget, we are the ones who picked Brady. Projected backup or not. Other teams ignored him, we didn't.
No, you finished 8-8 and Bledsoe had just thrown 19 TDs & 21 INTs. You knew you were going to need some help someday. If you really knew about him, you wouldn't have waited until the 6th round. And you wouldn't have taken Antwan Harris before him in the same round. You had 20 guys rated the same as Brady and got lucky you picked the shell with the pea underneath.
Originally Posted by hardwork
But, you have to like Brady's style. He hangs in there to the end, and he's a natural leader. On Belichick and Weis. Weis was an aggressive play caller. Belichick is far more conservative. I think that's the first thing we'll notice this year, and it conserns me a lot.
Goes back to what you drilled me for earlier when I asked if Brady was the reason or the coaches(ie Kobe/Shaq - stupidest thing ever). Guess we will see. Thanks for being honest, cause I can't believe that while the history of giving head coaches double duty has not been successful overall, Belichick's HC and OC roles have been given carte blanche since he won 3 of 4. I'd be worried too as a Pat fan too that you knew of no one who could help you call plays? Sorry to have a long post but I'm rolling...go back to Cowher in SBXXX on the onside kick. You see him on the earpiece asking if they should go for it and the coach sells him on it. What will Bill do? You going to ask your DC or STC for OC call help? No its all on him this year.
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