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Default 1987 Draft - Are you up for some analysis

If I could jump back into a time machine and be part of a prior draft it would nearly have to be 1987.

I found an old extract from Sports Illustrated that engaged the inner draft geek in me.

I thought it would be fun, in this time of cannibalisation amongst steelerfever members, that some of us could take a stroll back down memory lane and enjoy one of the better Pittsburgh Steeler drafts after the glory days of the 1970’s

I became a fan of the steelers in 1992 and was fortunate enough to see some of these players in their prime. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see their transitions from the college ranks to the pros.

I would really enjoy to engage in some serious dialogue on the topic of “players of the 1987 draft”. I would love to see the opinions and memories that many of our long tenured fans can recall about this particular era in Steelers football.

I would love to see what your thoughts are on.

1. Paul Zimmerman’s pre-draft analysis – what he nailed and where he failed
2. The actual 1987 draft and how many of those picks panned out
3. The 1987 Steelers draft class

Let the fun begin.
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