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Originally Posted by zulater View Post
It really aggravates me seeing the 7th and 8th seed face off in the Eastern conference finals.

I guess more than anything else what bothers me about this years playoffs is the sense of a missed opportunity. Going into the playoffs I had doubts about whether we were good enough to beat either the Capitals or Devils. I honestly thought we would beat them, but I thought there was a great deal of uncertainty based on what we saw during the regular season. But when the Divils and Caps went down in the first round I started to think the road was paved straight to the Cup finals. Oh well show's what i know?

Still my sense is the better team lost. For whatever reason with very few execptions the Pens as a team just didn't show up for game 7. Outside of Jordon Staal I can't think of anyone I would say had a good enough game. And you can't say they choked, the team is too well acomplished to be accused of that. It's just that collectively they came out tight, dug too huge a hole and could never get themselves out of it. We can do a woulda, coulda, shoulda all day long and it doesn't cahnge anything. We're still home to watch two inferior teams play for the right to represent the Eastern conference in the finals.

It really does suck, and we can just hope that it serves as proper motivation next year. .
Yupp a big sense of one missed opportunity. Anything can and obviously does happen look at the 7th and 8th seed left in the ECF, but dang watching the Craps and the Debil's get knocked out made all of us Pen's fan lick our chops for another Cup in the 'Burgh.

You know it just came down that the Hab's were just the better team out their and no one is to blame at all for our losses because when you face a goalie like Halak playing like he was and a stout defensive minded team who shut down Sid like I have never saw before it's hard to overcome. Game 7 was the same and the Pen's just didn't get the upperhand early and they paid.

Oh well that just means we bring it harder next season and use it to our advantage!
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