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Default Re: Should the Pens consider trading Malkin?

Originally Posted by zulater View Post
Where's the panic? Basically what both of us have proposed is a proactive move, but only if it's at the right price.

And you'd be surprised what you can realize in a trade if you're dealing from a position of strength especially if your trade partner is desperate and either trying to save his job or sell out his building.( preferably both) . It's only when your hand has been weakened ( "dying alive" for instance) that you screw yourself in a trade.

I'm telling you, chances are you take a three year peak into the future and you're not going to see Sid and Geno on the same team. That's not hate, that's not panic, that's just one logical assumption you can come to if you know the history of elite athletes.

I'll tell you this much, if Mario had someway found his way onto the Oilers in his early years I'll guarantee you that he'd have been miserable playing in Gretzky's shadow within 3 years. (If you don't believe do some research on the man). And I can guarantee you Mario will be keeping a cloose eye on Geno looking for the early signs of discontent.

Last thing. Regardless of what happens I'll always love Malkin. Half of you here destroying me over a simpe hypothetical probably booed our franchishes second best player mercilessly on every shift after he left the Pens. I've always thought Jagr's treatment by a preponderance of Penguins fans is shamefull.
Yeah, I did boo Jagr. Why? Because he deserved it. There was no reason at all for him to say he was "dying alive" when for 3 and a half seasons, he was THE man on the Pens between Mario's first retirement and his comeback. He had his chance to lead the team to a Cup and he couldn't get it done. So you're telling me that for a year and a half, he was so unhappy because Mario was back and getting all of the press, that he forced a trade? No freaking way, and the real reason why he was upset was because he knew the Pens wouldn't be able to pay him what he felt he was worth. And answer this - if he really was so concerned about being "the man," why then did he basically mail in his performances while he was in Washington? He was "the man" then, and did nothing before being shipped to New York. No, Jagr was an extremely selfish person, so far at the other spectrum from Malkin that they aren't even in the same area code as far as personality goes.

Again, there is absolutely no way any team will give up that much in a trade. None. We're talking about an era where if you want to have long-term success, you need to do it via the draft, because the salary cap prevents teams from attempting to "buy" championship teams every year by signing every big-name free agent they can. Look at how much heat Brian Burke is taking for trading his #1 pick to the Bruins for Phil Kessel, which is going to turn out to be either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin, depending on who the Oilers prefer. The Bruins' goalie Tuukka Rask was drafted by the Leafs, and was promptly traded to the Bruins for Andrew Raycroft. Oops! (Though admittedly that was their former GM who did that and not Burke.) Burke also gave up a #1 next year too in that Kessel deal. How in the world is a GM supposed to rebuild when he's giving away top-5 draft picks? I can't see any team giving up 4 players, 2 of them being top-line players, plus 2 #1 picks for anyone, even if it was Crosby or Ovechkin. It will not happen. The Pens will never get equal value in any trade for Malkin, plain and simple. Mario isn't stupid - while you may think he's looking for any signs of discontent with Malkin, he also knows the backlash he and Shero will get from the fans if he trades him, and especially if he trades him and gets nowhere near equal value for him. And evidently, you and the author of the story aren't alone, because I read on another board a rumor that the Pens may deal both Malkin and Gonchar to either LA or St. Louis. There's a better chance of me suiting up and playing for the Pens next season than that ever happening.

Still think this is nothing more than panic because the Pens lost, because apparently they have become the Steelers and have to win the Stanley Cup every year for the fans to be satisfied.
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