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Default Re: Should the Pens consider trading Malkin?

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Yeah, I did boo Jagr. Why? Because he deserved it. There was no reason at all for him to say he was "dying alive" when for 3 and a half seasons, he was THE man on the Pens between Mario's first retirement and his comeback. He had his chance to lead the team to a Cup and he couldn't get it done. So you're telling me that for a year and a half, he was so unhappy because Mario was back and getting all of the press, that he forced a trade? No freaking way, and the real reason why he was upset was because he knew the Pens wouldn't be able to pay him what he felt he was worth. And answer this - if he really was so concerned about being "the man," why then did he basically mail in his performances while he was in Washington? He was "the man" then, and did nothing before being shipped to New York. No, Jagr was an extremely selfish person, so far at the other spectrum from Malkin that they aren't even in the same area code as far as personality goes.

I take pride in booing that jackass every chance I get for exactly the reasons you stated above. You, me and about 10,000 other Pens fans every time his fat whiny ass came back to play at Mellon Arena whether with the Caps or the Rags.

It used to gag me to look across the ice and see the "Ring of Honor" with Jagr and the "C" on his jersey. He never took on that role as a captain, imho - Ronnie Francis was more of a captain than Jagr could have ever hoped to be. The way I see it, that "C" on Jagr's jersey referred to another word that begins with a "C" which I would have to ban myself for if I posted it.

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