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Default Re: Should the Pens consider trading Malkin?

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post

I take pride in booing that jackass every chance I get for exactly the reasons you stated above. You, me and about 10,000 other Pens fans every time his fat whiny ass came back to play at Mellon Arena whether with the Caps or the Rags.

It used to gag me to look across the ice and see the "Ring of Honor" with Jagr and the "C" on his jersey. He never took on that role as a captain, imho - Ronnie Francis was more of a captain than Jagr could have ever hoped to be. The way I see it, that "C" on Jagr's jersey referred to another word that begins with a "C" which I would have to ban myself for if I posted it.


So because of a few bad months at the end of his Penguin career you're going to forget 11 mostly great seasons?

When Mario went down after Adam Graves tomahawked his hand in the 92 playoffs do you remember who stepped up? You think we get by the Rangers and go on to defend the Cup without Jagr?

You pride yourself on booing someone who won 5 Art Ross trophy's as a Pen? We're not talking have a cup of coffee Hossa here.

I can understand some of the initial anger with Jagr. Similiar to Ben, Jagr had a lot of immaturity issues, he really was a jackass for the last part of the 2000-2001 season., may be even a little before it too. And I know he mailed it in with the Capitals for reasons I couldn't begin to imagine, nor could I care less about. ( if I were a Caps fan I would certainly hate Jagr) But damn what a joy to watch for most of those 11 years. He was simply mersmerizing with the puck. The way he could control the flow of a game, I'm not sure I've ever seen a winger come close to it the way he did. Well sorry but I can't poison those memories for his actions over a couple months. It just doesn't wipe out all those tremendous moments.

I really hope at some point you and other Penguins fans will find it in your heart to forgive one of the greatest players to ever don a Penguins uniform. Not only do you owe it to Jaromir ( imo) for 11 mostly great seasons, but you also owe it to yourselves.

Sorry for the preachy rant, but I really think peo0ple need to give serious consideration to letting the Jagr hate go.
"A man's got to know his limitations."

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