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Default Re: Should the Pens consider trading Malkin?

Originally Posted by Shea View Post

Why mess with what you might get when you already got it?
I guess my question is are you going to be able to keep it over time? I know Geno's done nothing to indicate he'll ever rock the boat. And hopefully he wont?

But are you going to tell me that when he goes back to his homeland he doesn't get a little envious of all the the audulation that Ovechkin gets? That maybe as in the case of many great players he has a big ego and thinks he deserves to be thought of in the same light as OV? And that somewhere in his mind it doesn't occur to him that as long as he operates in the same theatre as Sid Crosby he's never going to get that same respect?

In all honestly I think the potential is there for this to crash and burn in two or three years. And once a player makes it known that he wants out his market value is seriously diminished.

And again all I'm suggesting is that they think about it if the right deal can be made.

I doubt that Malkin will be dealt this offseason, and I'll actually be happy about that. But regardless, the hidden G.M inside me strongly suggests this might be the best time to check the market.
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