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Default Re: Should the Pens consider trading Malkin?

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
YES I do and I wouldn't give a rat's ass if he won every trophy out there while he was with the Pens. He's a pompous whiny jackass, always has been, always will be. Sorry Zu, but neither you or anyone else will ever change my opinion of Jagr. There have been a couple of players since Jagr that I haven't been overly fond of for one reason or another, but I'm a fan of the team first and foremost and though, as I said, I couldn't stand him when he played here, I didn't boo him until he pulled that shit when he left. I never have booed a player while donning a Pens uni and I never will no matter how I feel about that player personally.

Imho - Jagr became the player he was because of Mario Lemieux and Ron Francis. Too bad he never came close to having their class both on and off the ice.

Sorry, no can do. That guy has the class of an asparagus tip (and the ass of a barn. ).
I loved Mario, Ronny Francis, Larry Murphy, and many others that played on those great Penguin teams. truthfully the only one I ever came close to disliking was Tommy Barrasso, who not only could be a pompous ass, but was vastly overrated imho. In fact I always thought EJ's switching back to Barrasso in the EC finals over Wreggett was ultimatley what cost us the Cup back in 95-96.

Oops sorry I got rambling, back to Jagr, as great as Ron Francis and Mario were they didn't make Jagr. Jagr is one of the greatest right wings to ever play the game period.

And outside of those last few months what exactly did Jagr do that so pissed you off? Hell he chose his number in honor of the short lived and ill fated 68 Czech uprising against the Soviets. He did this ( chose the number) and publicly proclaimed it while the Czech Republic was still behind the Iron curtian. He listed his personal hero as Ronald Reagan for standing up to the Soviets. His work ethic was second to none for much of his time in Pittsburgh. He was first on the ice and last to leave. I think for the most part he was popular with his teammates.

As I alluded to before I think Jagr derailing with the Pens when he did was more to do with external forces at work than what was occuring on the ice or inside the lockeroom. In other words he succumbed to his gambling habit and because of it his debts became all consuming and he saw getting out of Pittsburgh and into a place where he would be awarded a new contract as his only saving grace. I certainly don't condone what he did then, but greater people than Jagr have temporarily succumbed to their addictions. And to me that's all it was ever about, and that's why I have no problem forgiving him.

Anyway I don't know how you could have followed the Penguins through that time and hated Jagr? And if you didn't hate him before his historonics started just prior to his departure I don't see why you can't find it wihin you to forgive him now?
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