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Default Re: Should the Pens consider trading Malkin?

Originally Posted by zulater View Post
It's like a marriage when it's over. You can allow yourself to be consumed by hate, forget all the good times and just dwell on the bad. But what good does that do you? Bitterness eats away away like a cancer and you end up forgetting the good moments and that to me is just sad..

Sure it ended ugly, sure Jarg could be a whiny ahole at times, but the good far outweighed the bad, and by far I mean by mountains.

Jagr was a great player, he provided many of the greatest goals I ever witnessed both in person and on teleivision. To allow myself to be consumed with the hate would have me taint and tarnish memories that are still special.

Jagr like many of us has had bad moments, but I remain convinced that he wasn't a bad man. I'm very glad he was a Penguin for the years that he was.
Bad moments? It just all goes to waste no matter what he did for the Pens on the ice when he says the thing's he did before and after he left the team. He made it seem as if it was all a mistake and that he wanted nothing to do with this team. When your a loyal fan that hit hard and will never be forgotten no matter what he did positive, it ended and will remain negative.
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