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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Carl Yastremski
Charles Barkley
Dick Butkus
OJ Simpson (based on his on-field performance, NOT his double homicide)
Elgin Baylor
Ted Williams
John Stockton
Karl Malone
Allen Iverson
Greg Norman
Mark Martin
Patrick Ewing
Dirk Niwitzki
Barry Bonds
Jim Kelly
Lebron James
Barry Sanders
Dan Marino

All losers according to the collective wisdom of the braintrust due to lack of titles.
Baseballers, Footballers and basketball players may warrant a place on your list.

Yes they may not have won the title at the end of the line for their respective pursuits.

But why the hell drag a proven winner in a totally unrelated sport into your rant.

FYI Greg Norman competed in an individual sport that pits 144 players against each other on a weekly basis. The sport does not recognise one true world championship. It places four tournaments on a higher level than others to afford a status symbol to measure / compare success. It is hard to find a list of players that have achieved more victories on the golf course. Golf is a sport where the american administrators have not been able to self proclaim their own championships as "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS".

Golf is truly a world game and one in which Greg Norman dominated for 331 straight weeks as the World Number one golfer.

FYI Greg Norman won 20 tournaments on the USPGA tour.
FYI Greg Norman won 14 tournaments on the European tour. Two of those happened to be majors, the 1986 and 1993 British opens

FYI Greg Norman won 31 tournaments on the Australasian tour. 5 of those victories were in the Australian Open ( our national tournament and highest honour) . A tournament that Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player considered the 5th major in the 60's and 70's.

FYI Greg Norman won 25 other tournaments around the world. Some of those included events with such names as World Match Play Champion ( 3 times) and the Anderson Consulting World Championship of golf.

Stick to referencing basketballers and footballers in your discussions, where you seem to think you know what you are talking about. Golf is obviously not an area you know much about.

Greg Norman is an Australian Icon and proven winner and I would love to help educate you on the finer points of the game of golf, if interested fellow braintrust member.
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