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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by Nadroj 20 View Post
If you can not see that LeBron James will go down as one of the best athletes in history that's really sad to be missing the obvious, REGARDLESS of titles
make no mistake about it... i think lebon-bon is one of the most atheletic players in the nba today. the problem with revs is trying to pass off subjective opinion off as indisputable fact in the most homeristic fashion, even in the face of logic.

i would say labron and michael jordan are kinda the NBA equivalent of walter payton and jerry rice (never mind that 1 of the 4 cant win a champ). there are some that say jerry rice was the best pure football player ever. him and walter are unparalleled in their work ethic. neither could hold these titles if they didnt win a championship.

theres a difference between beeing a great athelete and a great player. in order to be a great player, you must win. the purpose to play a game is to win. the criteria is set by its own definition.

i believe it is in the ghetto of queensbridge where they have the streetball leagues that are said to have ballers whos skills and atheletisizm rivals many NBA players.

but you know what? they suck as nba players because they are unable to compete and win on that level.

anyways my OPINION of lebron doesnt count. i bet kobe could beat him in the boston marathon. i think d. howard could beat him in lifting weights (maybe kobe can to) jump higher, and beat him in a dunk competition. i bet steve nash would run circles around him on a soccer field. pound for pound, allen iverson may have been the most atheletic nba player we have seen in 20 years. he is probably better at football than labron, too.

some people say tiger woods is the greatest athelete since jordan (i scoff at this and also know it is their winning that helps the perception). can james do what lance armstrong or michael phelps did? could he win a decathalon? could he really dominate 1 sport, while being a star in the other like deion sanders or bo jackson? i bet michael jordan was a better baseball player.

there have been so many great atheletes in history, it is really difficult to even narrow down a list of 20. i would place lebron up there though.

BUT heres the simple answer to revs little internal dilemma-

payton manning, tom brady, joe montana, terry bradshaw could give 2 shits if they ever made that list. not only arent they top 20 atheletes in history, they aren even top 20 atheletes in the history of the nfl. they are considered the best PLAYERS in the game though.

if youre the best player but you never win when it counts, then by definition you are not the best player.

theres more to winning than simply having the required strength, skills, stamina, agility etc. required to be an athelete. those who find that "more" are the best.

sometimes it just takes luck, a healthier mind, intestinal fortitude and heart, or better situation. either way, it is what it is.

we cant redefine "it" for lebron james just to appease whiny homer fans who have nothing else to cling onto.
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