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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Why does this not surprise me? I produce a list with 18 names on it, and make ONE mistake, and the haters and detractors and braintrust members fall all over themselves to IGNORE the validity of the spirit of the post and point out the one little effing error.
and herein lies the rub... there was absolutely NO VALIDITY of the spirit of your post. it was the worst case of a strawman argument you have used in several weeks. i thought you were smarter than that. i admit... i was wrong.

it was a complete misrepresentation of an entire group of posters stances and takes.

your obsession has gone so far overboard, that you called out Aussi_Steeler for no reason whatsoever.

the beautiful (and somewhat disgusting) thing is, that when he promtly handed you your ass and set you straight, you had to scurry/slither to erase your post and the self inflicted emarrassement it undoubtedly brought you.

i pity you. you have completely invalidated yourself and anything you post or any take you may have with the repeated diversion, spin, misrepresentation, and smart assed remarks such as these-

All losers according to the collective wisdom of the braintrust due to lack of titles.
complete misrepresentation. why you feel the need to have everyone else slob lebrons knob is beyond me (and im a huge lebron fan who is looking to see him in the finals every year.)

nobody takes you seriously anymore (which you desperately need for validation). i am the complete opposite. i dont want (nor expect) anyone to take me seriously. i post here for entertainment and hopefully make people laugh (even at the expense of you).

what is truly sad, is how much like LITP you have become. there were times he could have a 100% spot on, intelligent, post yet everyone would dismiss it, simply for whom it was coming from.

this thread is a perfect example of that. you actually believe that your post and list had validity. LBJ is your tom brady. through alot of hard work you have morphed into that in which you hated. the transformation has happened so slowly, you are not even self cognizant.

carry on, NM.
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