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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by Nadroj 20 View Post

I am not a whiny homer even though im not sure if that was directed toward me? But anyway i do get all of your points. I am just one that feels that winning championships is just icing on the cake. Dont know why i feel that way but i do. Maybe because players who cant be labeled as one of the best HAVE titles and some of the greats DONT.

I guess it is just a difference in opinions because i do agree with all of your points but in the end still feel like LeBron still needs to be considered one of the greats.
nah, you dont strike me as a homer at all. just a normal rational lebron james fan, much like myself.

i just cant sit by and watch my position being repeatedly misconstrued by a fanatic.

being that i really dont have a "team" (other than the sonics) i am able to maintain a certain level of objectivity. i root more for the players and am a huge NBA fan in general.

i am indifferent to the celtics but have always liked garnett, allen and even pierce (i have an old t-wolves garnett jersey and bucks ray allen from their rookie years). i cant stand dallas (especially the cowboys) but i like most of their players and have an ancient jason kidd jersey that i would still wear proudly if it fit.

i wish lebron was going for his third ring so i would have a leg to stand on in making a case for him as the best player today. defending kobe makes me sick. but only a myopic homer would make a case like this to someone who contends that kobe is-

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
The "Champs only" argument is garbage. Barry Sanders never won a thing...neither did Marino. If this was a player the haters liked they'd wear the other shoe comfortably.

But it's all ya got so you gotta run with it.
i mean one really cant hitch their argument to the LeStat James bandwagon and throw out all of kobes stats along with his 6 finals appearances and 4 ring (possibly embarking on yet another).

kobe is the highest scoring laker in history.

jerry west
wilt chamberlain
kareem abdul jabaar
tragic johnson
shaq oneal

even if lescore is the highest scoring cav in history, it really isnt saying much considering the above company.

i might as well say kevin durant is the best player in the nba.
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