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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

So, we're done then. Because I FIRMLY stand behind the contention that even if LBJ ultimately wins zero titles in his time (which is extremely unlikely), he's still going to be a top 5 all-time player, perhaps even mentioned as the greatest someday.

Ted Williams hit lifetime .344. He had 521 home runs. Was a two time MVP. Perhaps the greatest hitter in the history of baseball (and he's in some HEAVY competition here), never won a title.

If that's too apples and oranges, how about Stockton/Malone? Two all-time great b-ball players, zero titles between them. Did they lack killer instinct? Did they lack the ability to make those around them better? What is their excuse for not winning a title?

And the homerism charge is empty rhetoric. Hell, I don't even really care for LBJ as a person, but I'm not going to let personal vendettas and blind ignorance based on hate taint my arguments here. It would be different if there were SEVERAL posters in this thread who basically trail around behind me and dispute practically everything I post. It destroys their credibility.

Finally, addressing this "he quit" nonsense, is anyone charging the Magic with quitting? Howard can't "finish" either? I mean, the Magic were THE hottest team in the NBA, and the Celts have basically handed them their asses AND at home.

Could it possibly be that the Celtics are just on fire right now and are playing THAT good?
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