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Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
The thing with that is lequit has to earn being mentioned in the same breath with those guys. He hasn't done that yet. And stats isn't going to get him there.
Oh, I agree. That's why I compare LeBron to Dominique Wilkins and not Jordan, Bird, Magic, and Kobe. But that's just my opinion.

I consider Karl Malone one of the best players ever even though he never won a championship. Robert Horry won seven titles with three different teams, but I certainly don't consider him a great player.

My point was that I don't judge a player's greatness on statistics OR championships. I look at the intangibles. Some people focus on statistics, some focus on championships, some focus on other criteria ... there's not a clearly defined definition when judging a player's greatness. It's open to our own interpretation, so there's not a right or wrong answer when saying a certain player is one of the greatest ever.

That's why it should be nothing more than a fun debate, because it's impossible for someone to win it. That's all I was saying ...

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