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Default Re: WHY I WANT TEBOW!!!!

Originally Posted by steeldawg View Post
What does tebow give you at the qb position to help a team win in the nfl. I live in florida and have had tebow rammed down my throat for years and I must tell you his skill set is mediocre at best . This was a Marketing move by denver plain and simple there is no chance he starts for that team, he will be great for selling jerseys. Please dont tell me wildcat Tebow does not have the speed or the quickness to run the wildcat in the nfl.
I too live in Florida and have heard the high and mighty praises of Tebow as a college athlete. So understand what you are saying. However, the difference being that I believe Tebow has the ability to learn and change his techniques in the areas in which "the professionals" thinks he lacks. Past that I see him being a locker room presence, a leader, and someone with a WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN ATTITUDE. That presence is missing on a lot more teams than it is present on. I do think he'll be a quality QB in the NFL. I don't think he'll be used as a gimmick QB, but instead he'll be groomed and with the QBs on denver's roster, I find it plausible that he'll start - sooner rather than later. Those are just my opinions.

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
There's hope for Tebow yet...,242129

Culpepper headed to UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions...
While I'm sure you dream of the day you'll be able to lash out at those of us who think he'll be a quality QB in the NFL, I don't Tebow heading to the UFL anytime soon.

I do think it would be funnier if in 5 years your boy Ginn ends up in Denver and Tebow actually makes him look like a quality WR

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