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Default Re: Lebron James Amazing

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post

Are you really suggesting that he was slacking off? Isn't it MUCH more obvious and logical that he was hurt? Any reasonable person examining the evidence and NOT filtering it through a bias against either James OR hatred for me should easily be able to make the safe assumption that something was off with James other than his effort. People who quit don't snag 19 boards ina game.
lmao! are you really suggesting the entire sporting world hates you?

any reasonable person examining the evidence actually watches the games and doesnt filter their takes through rose colored glasses and the apologetic takes of ballwashing local media.

you dont get a pass for not watching.


at the 2:06 mark the score was 85-92 (when the cavs scored their final point). the final basket of the game was scored at the 1:23 mark putting the celtics ahead by nine 85-94.

they cant score 1 basket in the final 2 minutes? really? i guess it would help if they tried. instead they gave up. the pouted. they QUIT. its on tape. like tomlin says "you are what you put on tape", and that night they were quitters.

everyone else can see this.

i have never seen that type of "give up" in a supposed championship calibur team. they were clearly overrated all along. the lack of effort and heart they showed was pathetic, and theres absolutely no excuse for it.

7 point deficit w/ more than 2 minutes to go and they dont even try? embarrassing. unfortunately for LeTripple-Double the injury excuse doesnt fly.

jordan had to go out and take the crown from the likes of magic, isaiah, and clyde.

LeCrown was given his as a rookie. not much to fight for, now is there?

i think the above comparisson to d. wilkins is a damn good one. another good one is ladainian tomlinson.

just remember... a great player who never wins anything is ultimately a loser.

take this opportunity to learn something from someone who knows much more than you-

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