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Default Re: WHY I WANT TEBOW!!!!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post

Limas Sweed is a bust. It's actually old news that refuses to die. And at LEAST he's a Steeler! Ginn's fate is TBD. Ginn bashing is a sport on this board SOLELY because of the team he played for in college and my allegiance to that team. It's just more braintrust straw grasping bullshit...and every time you resort to it you lower yourself to their level.
Come on revs, the everyone is against me card is old hat.

Ginn bashing isn't because of the team he played for in college. To try and ride that horse to the finish line is ridiculous. As much as you have determined Sweed a bust, Ginn has not proven himself worthy of the #9 pick in which he was taken. He certainly has not proven himself worthy of the dolphins trading Welker away the off-season before he was drafted.

And you still trusting that Ginn is some quality NFL WR shows that you have some man crush on him. And everytime you attempt to prove it, it's just another moment to laugh!

To bring this back on point, I guess you could compare other's hate for Ginn due to his collegiate days to your hate of Tebow because of his collegiate days. Because honestly, in all your rants against Tebow it seems you dislike him more because of where he went to school than because of what you see on the field.

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