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Default Re: Should the Pens consider trading Malkin?

Originally Posted by steelpride12 View Post
Please close this thread.
A thread lives or dies on it's own accord. If you don't like the topic you can always scroll on by.

The Pens are saying they're not interested in trading Geno, that's fine. I wouldn't expect them to say any different even if they were putting out feelers or making it known that they're willing to listen to 'reasonable' offers, and by 'reasonable' I mean blow my doors off to make me notice type offers. As I said before, they're in a position of strength as opposed to desperation. So publicly they're taking the right stance. But I remain convinced that they're not closing the doors on a deal if the right one were to present itself.

So chances are this thread will fade away for awhile. And I'm ok with that. As I've stated numerous times my feeling have nothing to do with the Pens playoff disposition, or Geno's somewhat subpar season ( for him). It wasn't made in a reactionary manner, in fact I would say I'm one of the few who've completly divorced themselves from emotion on the subject matter.

But be it one year, two years or maybe even as many as three seasons from now it's going to happen. Geno eventually is going to want to be the BMOC somewhere. That's just the way the male ego works, particuarly with the most gifted of us. And when that day occurs I hope the Pens wont be forced into a firesale. And I further hope that all those of you that proclaim your undying love for Geno now don't turn on him like you did Jagr if Geno goes a little sideways on the way out the door. .

I know I wont.

"A man's got to know his limitations."

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